Out of the field

“Hand-undone” Through Yoga

Out of the field: Anna Riga­mon­ti May yoga, so dif­fe­ren­tly and exten­si­ve­ly repre­sen­ted, be con­si­de­red a hand­ma­de acti­vi­ty? Seve­ral orien­tal and occi­den­tal thin­kers sta­te that we need to car­ve our­sel­ves as sta­tues, spe­ci­fy­ing that the work to be done is, indeed, to remo­ve, take off mar­ble and clay, brin­ging out what is alrea­dy insi­de the­re. The …

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Workshop and artisanal objects: what do they symbolize?

In a book, writ­ten in 2010, enti­tled Il talen­to dell’impresa. L’impronta rina­sci­men­ta­le in die­ci azien­de ita­lia­ne (Lan­zo­ne, Mora­ce), some entre­pre­neurs spe­cu­la­te a revi­val of the arti­sa­nal work­shop, indeed in the Renais­san­ce sty­le, hoping that from the crea­ti­ve flair could sur­ge new stra­te­gies in order to re-launch the Made in Ita­ly pro­duc­tion. I start focu­sing on …

Work­shop and arti­sa­nal objec­ts: what do they sym­bo­li­ze? Leg­gi altro »