With Erika Fracassa We Cross The Glass…

The­re are sto­ries that have a trend that is to say, cir­cu­lar. Gra­dual­ly you acqui­re infor­ma­tion and a mosaic is for­ming in front of your eyes. Whe­re each pie­ce, over time, finds its posi­tion and it gives har­mo­ny to a big­ger pro­ject. This remin­ded us of the sto­ry of Eri­ka Fra­cas­sa, an arti­san of glass. It seems sim­ple but it is actual­ly a much more com­plex acti­vi­ty. Let’s exa­mi­ne her sto­ry card by card. Eri­ka was loo­king for some­thing that would respond to her need to crea­te. The answer came when she was intro­du­ced to the glass at the Scuo­la di Arti­gia­ni e Restau­ra­to­ri Maria Lui­sa Ros­si in Tori­no and her belo­ved resto­ra­tion tea­cher Lucia Chi­ri­co. Today Eri­ka is 38 and she tea­ches at the same school with great satisfaction.

“Wor­king with stu­den­ts is fan­ta­stic. Young peo­ple are real­ly inte­re­sted in craf­tsman­ship, and they push me to evol­ve with them”. She wan­ts to remem­ber 2 more tea­chers who ope­ned her eyes to dif­fe­rent tech­ni­ques: Chia­ra Fer­ra­ris for glass fusing and Davi­de Pen­sie­ro for the “lavo­ra­zio­ne del vetro a lume”. Step by step, in 2012 she ope­ned her fir­st shop/laboratory “Across the glass” whe­re she displayed objec­ts made by hand, of cour­se with glass (from bijoux to custom made  arti­san deco­ra­tions, beau­ti­ful home furnishings).

“The spe­cial­ty I am par­ti­cu­lar­ly atta­ched to and I like to teach, is the art of con­ser­ving and resto­ring stai­ned glass win­do­ws with both tra­di­tio­nal lead and Tif­fa­ny and medie­val gri­sail­le work. I haven’t explo­red all the tech­ni­ques yet but this is my goal for the futu­re: have some time to expe­ri­ment in a free and per­so­nal way”. 

We would like to know more about her work­ma­te: glass. “Glass is ali­ve, it is pos­si­ble to play a game with it. When you love it, you must treat it with respect, becau­se glass often impo­ses itself. This is the best way to expe­ri­ment, kno­wing that in the end it wins. A con­ti­nuous and fasci­na­ting bet”. We know you are also secre­ta­ry of the Asso­cia­zio­ne di Arti­gia­ni Artes: “I am hap­py to com­mit to increa­se the syner­gy bet­ween shops and new rea­li­ties to resto­re cha­rac­ter to this pre­cious acti­vi­ty. Some­how relaun­ching the world of craf­tsman­ship 2.0”. We agree on this idea and fun­da­men­tal pro­ject also for us.

Cor­so Regi­na Mar­ghe­ri­ta 90/c – Torino
Cell. 333/2548932