With Erika Fracassa We Cross The Glass…

There are stories that have a trend that is to say, circular. Gradually you acquire information and a mosaic is forming in front of your eyes. Where each piece, over time, finds its position and it gives harmony to a bigger project. This reminded us of the story of Erika Fracassa, an artisan of glass. It seems simple but it is actually a much more complex activity. Let’s examine her story card by card. Erika was looking for something that would respond to her need to create. The answer came when she was introduced to the glass at the Scuola di Artigiani e Restauratori Maria Luisa Rossi in Torino and her beloved restoration teacher Lucia Chirico. Today Erika is 38 and she teaches at the same school with great satisfaction.

“Working with students is fantastic. Young people are really interested in craftsmanship, and they push me to evolve with them”. She wants to remember 2 more teachers who opened her eyes to different techniques: Chiara Ferraris for glass fusing and Davide Pensiero for the “lavorazione del vetro a lume”. Step by step, in 2012 she opened her first shop/laboratory “Across the glass” where she displayed objects made by hand, of course with glass (from bijoux to custom made  artisan decorations, beautiful home furnishings).

“The specialty I am particularly attached to and I like to teach, is the art of conserving and restoring stained glass windows with both traditional lead and Tiffany and medieval grisaille work. I haven’t explored all the techniques yet but this is my goal for the future: have some time to experiment in a free and personal way”. 

We would like to know more about her workmate: glass. “Glass is alive, it is possible to play a game with it. When you love it, you must treat it with respect, because glass often imposes itself. This is the best way to experiment, knowing that in the end it wins. A continuous and fascinating bet”. We know you are also secretary of the Associazione di Artigiani Artes: “I am happy to commit to increase the synergy between shops and new realities to restore character to this precious activity. Somehow relaunching the world of craftsmanship 2.0”. We agree on this idea and fundamental project also for us.

Corso Regina Margherita 90/c – Torino
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