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Maria, A Young Carpenter With Passion

The search for young arti­sans is taking us out of Pied­mont, to the  Vene­to region and more pre­ci­se­ly in the pro­vin­ce of Vero­na, in a small town cal­led Con­tra­da Mon­tec­chia­ne di Rove­re’. This is a sto­ry of excep­tio­nal huma­ni­ty, and pro­fes­sio­na­li­sm, whe­re the loca­tion has a very impor­tant part. We are near the pre-Alps, not …

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Valentina Bongiovanni: an illustrator artisan

Mul­ti­co­lo­red, almo­st fai­­ry-tale ani­mals. The­se are the main cha­rac­ters in the world of Valen­ti­na Bon­gio­van­ni, free­lan­ce illu­stra­tor, not even 30 years old, but a reso­lu­te pro­fes­sio­nal, alrea­dy with cer­tain leve­ra­ge in the sec­tor. After a degree at the IAAD in Tori­no, and some expe­rien­ces in Euro­pean capi­tals, like Madrid and Amster­dam, she had cho­sen the …

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