Dual Lab : Wood and Metal Craftsmen

Long time friends, almo­st bro­thers, and now part­ners in busi­ness: this is hap­pe­ning in Genoa. They are so busy that it is dif­fi­cult to sit them for an inter­view. When the time final­ly  comes, it is very inte­re­sting to hear them tal­king. Gabriel Oddo­ne and Raul Pey­rou have star­ted Dual, a lab whe­re they desi­gn and build fur­ni­tu­re using wood and iron.

After school, seve­ral wor­king expe­rien­ces (few of them a lit­tle disap­poin­ting ) and some tra­vels, they deci­ded to put toge­ther Gabriel’s pas­sion for desi­gn and wood and Raul’s love for iron: the result is a team whe­re both of them have not only a  voi­ce but also respect for each other’s idea.

During the­se dif­fi­cult times with Covid, peo­ple were able to spend more time at home and move on with tho­se pro­jec­ts that were always post­po­ned: that why they are so busy!


For now, most of their pro­jec­ts are orders from clien­ts to rea­li­ze custom made pie­ces. New clien­ts come thanks to sprea­ding the word but they hope in the futu­re to be able to desi­gn and rea­li­ze pie­ces and sell them onli­ne.Their goals are to use wood and iron toge­ther, mix desi­gn and fun­cio­na­li­ty, enhan­ce the mate­rials they are using.

Being a young craf­tsman nowa­days is not easy: you have to like what you are doing, do some sacri­fi­ces, face dif­fi­cul­ties coming also from a lot of bureau­cra­cy but with very  lit­tle eco­no­mi­cal helps, not being afraid to make mista­kes and start over, be indi­pen­dent and be infor­med. Gabriel and Raul were luc­ky enou­gh to recei­ve help from older craf­tsmen,  more open now to share their kno­w­led­ge and expe­rien­ce than in the past.

To be suc­ces­sful you need not only to be the best in what you are doing, but you need also to be able to pro­mo­te your pro­duc­ts using your kno­w­led­ge and be able to share your expe­rien­ce with other people.

Many dif­fe­rent aspec­ts, all very impor­tant: without them it would be dif­fi­cult to be successful. 

DUAL LAB. Quar­tie­re Maras­si Geno­va
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Info dualdesignlab@gmail.com