Maria, A Young Carpenter With Passion

The search for young artisans is taking us out of Piedmont, to the  Veneto region and more precisely in the province of Verona, in a small town called Contrada Montecchiane di Rovere’. This is a story of exceptional humanity, and professionalism, where the location has a very important part. We are near the pre-Alps, not far from Lessinia surrounded by beautiful woods and greenery. 

We meet Maria Caprera Martini, a 6th generation carpenter, in her family’s wood shop. She is only 23 years old, works alone, supported by her mother Lucia. 

“When someone asks me how I prefer to be called, I don’t know if I should say carpenter using the Italian word “falegname” or instead the feminine version “falegnama”, even if  technically the Italian word doesn’t exist”, she is telling us with a contagious smile that gives you joy and hope for the future.  The activity was handed downtown from generation to generation: her dad taught her a lot and allowed her to drop out of school and be fully involved in what she felt was her passion.

It is very pleasant and energizing to listen Maria talking about her feelings for her family, her  love for silence and nature, her job, where everyday she can experiment with something different and new. “I grew up surrounded by woodchips, planks, machinery and skilled craftsman, attracted by different types of woods such as cherry, oak, spruce, elm and then different types of glues, paints and oils. I felt the call from my family roots even stronger  after my dad Claudio passed away: at that point I realized how marvelous it is to transform wood: it is life and it will continue to live after us for a long long time! I love to spend my days in our wood shop designing furniture based on clients’orders, from more simple pieces to more creative ones, choosing the right wood and sometimes combining different types of woods  (I have set aside a lot of wood over the years), using different types of machinery, overcoming the fear with respect, attention to details and experience; in the end delivering furniture with my truck: all this “is so cool”. When I need a break, I go for a walk in the forest  near my home”.

When we call her, she had just delivered a wine cellar for 90 bottles. She is especially proud of it because it is her first wine cellar. She has made cabinets, different kind of objects, small pieces of furniture that are  very functional and detailed, beautiful beds made mostly with wood. 

“Wood is life, far more immortal then us. I am always fascinated by the different types of wood and how to properly use them. New clients come from older clients,  who are happy with my work. Even if I am young, my clients trust me. I am always happy when I can put something personal in to  a new project. For me it is very satisfying to create something from the beginning that lives inside someone’s home for a long time. Bureaucractic and financial aspects are difficult for me to understand. What I envision for the future? I envision continuing to do this having time to make unique pieces not only handcrafted by me but also designed by me”.

Contrada Montecchione di Roverè – Verona
Tel. 342/0257749