Maria, A Young Carpenter With Passion

The search for young arti­sans is taking us out of Pied­mont, to the  Vene­to region and more pre­ci­se­ly in the pro­vin­ce of Vero­na, in a small town cal­led Con­tra­da Mon­tec­chia­ne di Rove­re’. This is a sto­ry of excep­tio­nal huma­ni­ty, and pro­fes­sio­na­li­sm, whe­re the loca­tion has a very impor­tant part. We are near the pre-Alps, not far from Les­si­nia sur­roun­ded by beau­ti­ful woods and greenery. 

We meet Maria Capre­ra Mar­ti­ni, a 6th gene­ra­tion car­pen­ter, in her family’s wood shop. She is only 23 years old, works alo­ne, sup­por­ted by her mother Lucia. 

“When someo­ne asks me how I pre­fer to be cal­led, I don’t know if I should say car­pen­ter using the Ita­lian word “fale­gna­me” or instead the femi­ni­ne ver­sion “fale­gna­ma”, even if  tech­ni­cal­ly the Ita­lian word doesn’t exi­st”, she is tel­ling us with a con­ta­gious smi­le that gives you joy and hope for the futu­re.  The acti­vi­ty was han­ded down­to­wn from gene­ra­tion to gene­ra­tion: her dad taught her a lot and allo­wed her to drop out of school and be ful­ly invol­ved in what she felt was her passion.

It is very plea­sant and ener­gi­zing to listen Maria tal­king about her fee­lings for her fami­ly, her  love for silen­ce and natu­re, her job, whe­re eve­ry­day she can expe­ri­ment with some­thing dif­fe­rent and new. “I grew up sur­roun­ded by woo­d­chips, planks, machi­ne­ry and skil­led craf­tsman, attrac­ted by dif­fe­rent types of woods such as cher­ry, oak, spru­ce, elm and then dif­fe­rent types of glues, pain­ts and oils. I felt the call from my fami­ly roo­ts even stron­ger  after my dad Clau­dio pas­sed away: at that point I rea­li­zed how mar­ve­lous it is to tran­sform wood: it is life and it will con­ti­nue to live after us for a long long time! I love to spend my days in our wood shop desi­gning fur­ni­tu­re based on clients’orders, from more sim­ple pie­ces to more crea­ti­ve ones, choo­sing the right wood and some­ti­mes com­bi­ning dif­fe­rent types of woods  (I have set asi­de a lot of wood over the years), using dif­fe­rent types of machi­ne­ry, over­co­ming the fear with respect, atten­tion to details and expe­rien­ce; in the end deli­ve­ring fur­ni­tu­re with my truck: all this “is so cool”. When I need a break, I go for a walk in the fore­st  near my home”.

When we call her, she had just deli­ve­red a wine cel­lar for 90 bot­tles. She is espe­cial­ly proud of it becau­se it is her fir­st wine cel­lar. She has made cabi­ne­ts, dif­fe­rent kind of objec­ts, small pie­ces of fur­ni­tu­re that are  very func­tio­nal and detai­led, beau­ti­ful beds made mostly with wood. 

“Wood is life, far more immor­tal then us. I am always fasci­na­ted by the dif­fe­rent types of wood and how to pro­per­ly use them. New clien­ts come from older clien­ts,  who are hap­py with my work. Even if I am young, my clien­ts tru­st me. I am always hap­py when I can put some­thing per­so­nal in to  a new pro­ject. For me it is very sati­sfy­ing to crea­te some­thing from the begin­ning that lives insi­de someone’s home for a long time. Bureau­crac­tic and finan­cial aspec­ts are dif­fi­cult for me to under­stand. What I envi­sion for the futu­re? I envi­sion con­ti­nuing to do this having time to make uni­que pie­ces not only han­d­craf­ted by me but also desi­gned by me”.

Con­tra­da Mon­tec­chio­ne di Rove­rè – Verona
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