Atelier of Nina Tauro: Artisan of Hats 

Torino is a city with a lot of historical artisans, very often they were not born in Torino but they moved here for different reasons. They all feel that they are in the right place to create something important. It is the case of Nina Tauro: we met her in her atelier in San Salvario: a precious treasure chest where you get lost looking at countless type of hats, hair bands, striking lamps, baskets, a charming sewing machine and an iron.

In the middle of it, Nina, a woman with a great sense of style: she was born near Messina but moved to Torino about 30 years ago, “Sucked by a captivating city” as she is telling us. In 2006 she decided to concentrate all her energy and her creativity in one very versatile item that requires a lot of techniques: hats. “I decided to focus all my energy in the creation of hats: beside some evergreens, you can find more seasonal hats and what it is trending in fashion. Designers have relaunched hats in their looks, not only as an accessory and to help to preserve health but also to give a special personal touch.”

You can get lost walking around her store: winter hats on displays mixed with summer hats, as it is normal during this time of the year. All the pieces are hand made and unique, unless she makes the same hat in different colors or fabrics.“The first collections were crocheted, based on classic models, something you can still find in the store. A very popular model, is the “Liberty”, that fits well everybody, also the “Annette” is very popular: it echoes the 1920 period. Later I started to use other materials such as felt, wool, cotton, raffia and straw. It is the material you are managing that tells you how to use it and what to create”. Of course you need someone with her experience, passion and knowledge. She can also make dress hat and custom made hats. She started to make hair bands a long time ago: they look great and they are very trendy right now. Let’s not forget the “PoliMorphosis” hat: it is a multifunctional hat that she also patented.

While talking to Nina, our attention is drawn to aprons hanging on the walls: they are called “Japron”, they are ideal for artisans, adjustable and stackable, with a very essential cut: they are made of denim, linen, cotton. Nina’s husband, Arch. Massimo Petulla’, invented them during lockdown. He is the other creative mind in the family. He also created lamps: they are functional, with a very minimal design and you can see them scattered around the store. We have one last question for Nina: why the iron in full display? “It is a very important instrument for my creations: the steam allowes to natural fabrics to extend, in this way it is easier for me to manage the material and create something special”. The secret of a true artisan.

Via S. Anselmo 26/C  – TORINO
Tel. 329/97752721