Atelier of Nina Tauro: Artisan of Hats 

Tori­no is a city with a lot of histo­ri­cal arti­sans, very often they were not born in Tori­no but they moved here for dif­fe­rent rea­sons. They all feel that they are in the right pla­ce to crea­te some­thing impor­tant. It is the case of Nina Tau­ro: we met her in her ate­lier in San Sal­va­rio: a pre­cious trea­su­re che­st whe­re you get lost loo­king at coun­tless type of hats, hair bands, stri­king lamps, baske­ts, a char­ming sewing machi­ne and an iron.

In the midd­le of it, Nina, a woman with a great sen­se of sty­le: she was born near Mes­si­na but moved to Tori­no about 30 years ago, “Suc­ked by a cap­ti­va­ting city” as she is tel­ling us. In 2006 she deci­ded to con­cen­tra­te all her ener­gy and her crea­ti­vi­ty in one very ver­sa­ti­le item that requi­res a lot of tech­ni­ques: hats. “I deci­ded to focus all my ener­gy in the crea­tion of hats: besi­de some ever­greens, you can find more sea­so­nal hats and what it is tren­ding in fashion. Desi­gners have relaun­ched hats in their looks, not only as an acces­so­ry and to help to pre­ser­ve health but also to give a spe­cial per­so­nal touch.”

You can get lost wal­king around her sto­re: win­ter hats on displays mixed with sum­mer hats, as it is nor­mal during this time of the year. All the pie­ces are hand made and uni­que, unless she makes the same hat in dif­fe­rent colors or fabrics.“The fir­st col­lec­tions were cro­che­ted, based on clas­sic models, some­thing you can still find in the sto­re. A very popu­lar model, is the “Liber­ty”, that fits well eve­ry­bo­dy, also the “Annet­te” is very popu­lar: it echoes the 1920 period. Later I star­ted to use other mate­rials such as felt, wool, cot­ton, raf­fia and straw. It is the mate­rial you are mana­ging that tells you how to use it and what to crea­te”. Of cour­se you need someo­ne with her expe­rien­ce, pas­sion and kno­w­led­ge. She can also make dress hat and custom made hats. She star­ted to make hair bands a long time ago: they look great and they are very tren­dy right now. Let’s not for­get the “Poli­Mor­pho­sis” hat: it is a mul­ti­func­tio­nal hat that she also patented.

Whi­le tal­king to Nina, our atten­tion is dra­wn to aprons han­ging on the walls: they are cal­led “Japron”, they are ideal for arti­sans, adju­sta­ble and stac­ka­ble, with a very essen­tial cut: they are made of denim, linen, cot­ton. Nina’s husband, Arch. Mas­si­mo Petul­la’, inven­ted them during loc­k­do­wn. He is the other crea­ti­ve mind in the fami­ly. He also crea­ted lamps: they are func­tio­nal, with a very mini­mal desi­gn and you can see them scat­te­red around the sto­re. We have one last que­stion for Nina: why the iron in full display? “It is a very impor­tant instru­ment for my crea­tions: the steam allo­wes to natu­ral fabrics to extend, in this way it is easier for me to mana­ge the mate­rial and crea­te some­thing spe­cial”. The secret of a true artisan.

Via S. Ansel­mo 26/C  – TORINO
Tel. 329/97752721