Season greetings by the “Maria Luisa Rossi Artisans and Restorers School” at the Sermig

Offe­ring youth the pos­si­bi­li­ty to deve­lop the arti­stic atti­tu­des, craf­ting capa­bi­li­ties and to learn the dif­fi­cult prac­ti­ce of resto­ra­tion. That is the mis­sion of the “Maria Lui­sa Ros­si Arti­sans and Resto­rers School”, esta­bli­shed in Tori­no in 1994, throu­gh an intui­tion by the Ser­mig of Erne­sto Oli­ve­ro, and thanks to the strong will of Maria Lui­sa Ros­si, born to fami­ly of distin­gui­shed anti­qua­rians in Tori­no, fir­st Pre­si­dent of the school.

The fir­st site was loca­ted within the ancient walls of the once mili­ta­ry ware­hou­se, nowa­days enti­tled Arse­nal of Pea­ce; in 2009 the school moved to a new loca­tion, about 2400 squa­re meters, hosting 9 work­shops dedi­ca­ted to the art and resto­ra­tion craf­ts, two clas­srooms for theo­ry, an audi­to­rium, a labo­ra­to­ry for applied che­mi­stry, a com­pu­ter scien­ce lab with audio­vi­sual equi­p­ment, a clas­sroom for tech­ni­cal dra­wing, a pho­to­gra­phy lab and a library.

The school is an Art Insti­tu­te offi­cial­ly reco­gni­zed and accre­di­ted as a Regio­nal Trai­ning Agen­cy by the Regio­ne Pie­mon­te, with the pos­si­bi­li­ty of access to sub­si­dies of the Euro­pean Social Fund, thus being able to offer free pro­fes­sio­nal trai­ning clas­ses, relea­sing a cer­ti­fi­ca­te expen­da­ble on the job mar­ket in Ita­ly and abroad.

Approa­ching the end of this dif­fi­cult year, we meet Enri­co Fos­sa­ti, the Direc­tor of the Arti­sans and Resto­rers School, with the pur­po­se of sen­ding a wish of hope to all the stu­den­ts for the futu­re. And we pro­mi­se in 2021 to fur­ther exploit this so valua­ble trai­ning oppor­tu­ni­ty: “I’m gra­te­ful to you for focu­sing the neces­si­ty to reco­ver also in a pro­fes­sio­nal way, the ancient tra­di­tions of our past, of which Ita­ly is rich and that should be pre­ser­ved and supported. 

Our coun­try, our youth don’t deser­ve to loo­se this heri­ta­ge and must remem­ber that this lega­cy, of which we are so proud, is also due to skil­led craf­tsman­ship. We have to redi­sco­ver values that have been too much given for gran­ted. The Ser­mig mis­sion is based on open­ness and soli­da­ri­ty. This school repre­sen­ts the suc­ces­sful evi­den­ce of how being soli­da­ry means also to con­cre­te­ly offer instru­men­ts for a pro­fes­sio­nal futu­re ena­bling the achie­ve­ment of one’s indi­vi­dual freedom.

We like to think to be able to attract like a magnet tho­se who feel insi­de the desi­re to hand work and crea­te, brin­ging out, fir­stly from their trai­ning and then from their work, all the pro­spec­ti­ve of beau­ty, which the world so much needs. From our school, the dea­re­st wishes!’