Elena Pignata: the artisan “couturier” of brides but not only…

During the pandemic, we are reading over and over about the inevitable suspension of all events, including weddings. How are those who produce ceremonial dresses living this transition? In the case of “couturier “ Elena Pignata, quite well: during this period she hasn’t lost the deep contact with her passion, her creativity and a very measured service on the needs of her customers.

Elena Pignata has always been in the fashion industry, since her beginnings in Alba. Later on she continued with important collaborations that have also brought her to Veneto. When she was finally ready for the big step, she moved to Torino: here she opened her own atelier, where she designs 2 collections a year with the brand “Ombradifoglia” and where, in a fairly casual way, she started to design wedding dresses not only for women but also for men and also ceremonial dresses: little by little she has become an accredited reference. 

In Torino she chose the Aurora district: the perfect area for creative people like her even if it is a little less central. 

“When I saw the space in Via Catania, I had no doubts and I stayed there without ever regretting it”. 

Speaking of wedding dresses today it seems to be a little anachronistic: instead her showroom is full of vitality and fervor. 

“I am working a lot. Marriage today has changed its connotations but it still remains a dream to believe in. You get there with a more mature awareness, perhaps after a coexistence and certainly not at a very young age but still with the desire to make it unforgettable and magic. You wouldn’t hear so much talking about wedding planners and particular locations. With the wedding dress, each bride feels she is at the top of her beauty not only for herself, but also for her groom and for their guests. Fashion is a search for grace and sentiment, in connection with the wishes of the spouses. This is why I focus on dresses made with quality fabrics made in Italy, such as silk in all its forms, satin, organza, chiffon, mikado but also special embroideries and with soft and giving lines that float on the body. For a day , a second skin of maximum femininity. I have a sample of models that I renew all the time because I get easily bored. Each customer can make changes or even integrate family accessories. 

Every wish must be granted. In the end, every time I feel part of the dream”. The photos we publish really speak for themselves: dresses of unique elegance, where Elena expresses the best of her professionalism ranging from conception to delivery. 

“There is no word that expresses this very complete work. In French it is couturier. I feel like an artisan who never misses a step and a passion that never fails”. 

The same professionalism is also reflected in the “Ombradifoglia” brand, very popular in the Veneto region. Also in this case, clean, essential, personal lines, just more comfortable today than in the past. An alternative to conventional. Unique and colorful garments in a measured way: the color combinations represent a moment of high conception. The outerwear, like jackets and coats, remains her must. As for all the stylists who interpret this work at the top of their commitment. Their stylistic “code”.

Via Catania 16 – Torino
TEL. 331/8396531