Elena Pignata: the artisan “couturier” of brides but not only…

During the pan­de­mic, we are rea­ding over and over about the ine­vi­ta­ble suspen­sion of all even­ts, inclu­ding wed­dings. How are tho­se who pro­du­ce cere­mo­nial dres­ses living this tran­si­tion? In the case of “cou­tu­rier “ Ele­na Pigna­ta, qui­te well: during this period she hasn’t lost the deep con­tact with her pas­sion, her crea­ti­vi­ty and a very mea­su­red ser­vi­ce on the needs of her customers.

Ele­na Pigna­ta has always been in the fashion indu­stry, sin­ce her begin­nings in Alba. Later on she con­ti­nued with impor­tant col­la­bo­ra­tions that have also brought her to Vene­to. When she was final­ly rea­dy for the big step, she moved to Tori­no: here she ope­ned her own ate­lier, whe­re she desi­gns 2 col­lec­tions a year with the brand “Ombra­di­fo­glia” and whe­re, in a fair­ly casual way, she star­ted to desi­gn wed­ding dres­ses not only for women but also for men and also cere­mo­nial dres­ses: lit­tle by lit­tle she has beco­me an accre­di­ted reference. 

In Tori­no she cho­se the Auro­ra district: the per­fect area for crea­ti­ve peo­ple like her even if it is a lit­tle less central. 

“When I saw the spa­ce in Via Cata­nia, I had no doub­ts and I stayed the­re without ever regret­ting it”. 

Spea­king of wed­ding dres­ses today it seems to be a lit­tle ana­chro­ni­stic: instead her sho­w­room is full of vita­li­ty and fervor. 

“I am wor­king a lot. Mar­ria­ge today has chan­ged its con­no­ta­tions but it still remains a dream to belie­ve in. You get the­re with a more matu­re aware­ness, perhaps after a coe­xi­sten­ce and cer­tain­ly not at a very young age but still with the desi­re to make it unfor­get­ta­ble and magic. You wouldn’t hear so much tal­king about wed­ding plan­ners and par­ti­cu­lar loca­tions. With the wed­ding dress, each bri­de feels she is at the top of her beau­ty not only for her­self, but also for her groom and for their guests. Fashion is a search for gra­ce and sen­ti­ment, in con­nec­tion with the wishes of the spou­ses. This is why I focus on dres­ses made with qua­li­ty fabrics made in Ita­ly, such as silk in all its forms, satin, organ­za, chif­fon, mika­do but also spe­cial embroi­de­ries and with soft and giving lines that float on the body. For a day , a second skin of maxi­mum femi­ni­ni­ty. I have a sam­ple of models that I renew all the time becau­se I get easi­ly bored. Each custo­mer can make chan­ges or even inte­gra­te fami­ly accessories. 

Eve­ry wish must be gran­ted. In the end, eve­ry time I feel part of the dream”. The pho­tos we publish real­ly speak for them­sel­ves: dres­ses of uni­que ele­gan­ce, whe­re Ele­na expres­ses the best of her pro­fes­sio­na­li­sm ran­ging from con­cep­tion to delivery. 

“The­re is no word that expres­ses this very com­ple­te work. In French it is cou­tu­rier. I feel like an arti­san who never mis­ses a step and a pas­sion that never fails”. 

The same pro­fes­sio­na­li­sm is also reflec­ted in the “Ombra­di­fo­glia” brand, very popu­lar in the Vene­to region. Also in this case, clean, essen­tial, per­so­nal lines, just more com­for­ta­ble today than in the past. An alter­na­ti­ve to con­ven­tio­nal. Uni­que and color­ful gar­men­ts in a mea­su­red way: the color com­bi­na­tions repre­sent a moment of high con­cep­tion. The outer­wear, like jac­ke­ts and coa­ts, remains her must. As for all the sty­lists who inter­pret this work at the top of their com­mit­ment. Their sty­li­stic “code”.

Via Cata­nia 16 – Torino
TEL. 331/8396531