La storia del mosaico rivive con Giada a Borgo Campidoglio

“My inte­re­st for mosaic star­ted very casual­ly.” Gia­da is tel­ling us  her sto­ry: she is ori­gi­nal­ly from the Friu­li region, arri­ved in Tori­no for love,  star­ted 5 years ago ate­lier BB mosai­ci in Via Bal­me 32 in the Bor­go Cam­pi­do­glio area. “Almo­st 15 years ago I was appren­ti­ce in a mosaic lab in Friu­li, I always loved to crea­te things using my hands. After 3 years, I left my fir­st job and I went to work for a big­ger and more famous mosaic lab in Spi­lim­ber­go. The­re the owner sug­ge­sted me to attend a pro­fes­sio­nal school which I did: it is the only one in Ita­ly spe­cia­li­zed in mosaic. Once I fini­shed the school with a degree, I went back to work in the fir­st lab for a whi­le and then I moved to Tori­no. Whi­le loo­king for the right pla­ce in a Tori­no, I  disco­ve­red Bor­go Cam­pi­do­glio fir­st and later the per­fect spa­ce to open my lab.” Gia­da works mostly on com­mis­sion for pri­va­te clien­ts: from mosaic to custom jewels, from the reno­va­tion of an old pie­ce to por­trai­ts, her skills and her fan­ta­sy have no limits.

She loves her job and being an arti­san but she thinks that the­re is too much bureau­cra­cy and not enou­gh sup­port from the govern­ment, espe­cial­ly if you com­pa­re the actual situa­tion with 30 years ago. Gia­da uses Face­book, Insta­gram and her web­si­te, whe­re she wan­ts to impro­ve the shop­ping sec­tion to pro­mo­te her business.

She is skep­ti­cal about the sup­port from other arti­sans: behind a friend­ly super­fi­cial rela­tion­ship, she doesn’t think the­re is any­thing more. Only once, throu­gh Insta­gram, she was able to con­nect on a dee­per pro­fes­sio­nal level with a tur­ner in Tren­to. Befo­re COVID, in her lab she was hol­ding clas­ses for kids and adul­ts: from indi­vi­dual clas­ses, she was able to teach up to 4 stu­den­ts at a time. For sure you can­not learn mosaic online.

The­re has been an evo­lu­tion also in mosaic world: now she is also using wood, iron and paper besi­de the clas­sic mate­rials. For a rug she made for “Para­tis­si­ma” she even used tar. The only pro­blem are the costs: they are very high, peo­ple igno­re how expen­si­ve can be to crea­te and rea­li­ze a mosaic. Eve­ry pie­ce is uni­que and you can­not repli­ca­te it: that is also why her job is so unique.

BB MOSAICI – Ate­lier di mosai­co
Via Bal­me 32b Tori­no