Lucifero, The Light Artisan

The world’s highe­st chan­de­lier, 36 mt. high, rea­li­zed for a pri­va­te man­sion in Doha, has been desi­gned in Rivo­li, at Torino’s gates. Here, in an old disu­sed mill on the Dora river­si­de, is based the Luci­fe­ro Illu­mi­na­zio­ne (enlighte­ning), an arti­san enter­pri­se, foun­ded over 25 years ago by Rober­to Cutu­li and his bro­ther-in-law Fran­co Tamion. An enter­pri­se, which was born, as many others, “in the base­ment, whe­re we star­ted rea­li­zing the fir­st lamps for our friends up until we have been asked to ‘enlighten’ the man­sion of Maria Lui­gia in Par­ma”. Then­ce the break­th­rou­gh, the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make us kno­wn, and the fir­st cata­log release. 

Thou­gh, why did you choo­se the name Luci­fe­ro? “It’s the name of the most beau­ti­ful angel in Para­di­se, who with his con­ceit defies the divi­ne beau­ty and the­re­fo­re he’s puni­shed. – Rober­to Cutu­li explains – And we play bet­ween the beau­ty of light and the intri­gue, the tran­sgres­sion, the sin, that is to say, the dar­k­ness”. In the resto­red rooms of the disu­sed mill, in fact, light and dar­k­ness seem to play hide-and-seek, unvei­ling some of the most signi­fi­cant pie­ces of the col­lec­tion: thea­tri­cal lamps, faces of enlighte­ned women, also an homa­ge to Leo­nar­do Da Vin­ci with a 4,5 mt high rein­ter­pre­ta­tion of the Gio­con­da. “Our pie­ces are com­ple­te­ly hand­ma­de by master arti­sans – Rober­to Cutu­li claims – They are one-of-a-kind, but repli­ca­ble items. We try as much as pos­si­ble to main­tain a very short, almo­st km 0 sup­ply-chain”. The lights of Luci­fe­ro Illu­mi­na­zio­ne have rea­ched also some Costa Cro­cie­re ships, the Ogr loca­tion in Tori­no, but even, just late­ly, the hou­se used in the past two edi­tions of the “Gran­de Fra­tel­lo”. Bian­nual­ly a new col­lec­tion is launched.

Among the next rea­li­za­tions, the­re will be the ‘Smart Han­drail’, a steel han­drail that can be enlighte­ned by smart devi­ces. But whe­re does inspi­ra­tion come from for the­se works? “Qui­te often under stress – Rober­to Cutu­li answers – in tho­se momen­ts I give my best, but also when I listen to music. All kinds of music: pop as well as clas­si­cal music. I like liste­ning to it at high volu­me in order to plun­ge into the notes”. “An abso­lu­te­ly nee­ded cha­rac­te­ri­stic to be crea­ti­ve is a 360-degree curio­si­ty. I am curious, also in things that I do not know, such as the tech­no­lo­gi­cal world: it fasci­na­tes me and I often rea­li­ze that I’m ima­gi­ning situa­tions or solu­tions that aren’t con­cei­ved, yet”.

Lucifero’s lamps have been and are sold all over the world: from the USA to Rus­sia, Cana­da, Korea, Japan, Zim­ba­b­we. Hard times have also occur­red: the 2018 cri­sis “has repre­sen­ted a step back”, but also “a moment to re-think our iden­ti­ty, re-disco­ver our proud­ly being craf­tsmen, capa­ble to hand­ma­de items, that tran­smit our inspi­ra­tion. I think that also the pan­de­mic will bring a moment to reflect, that may­be will help to re-disco­ver the value and the right pri­ce for hand­ma­de pro­duc­ts. Here in Ita­ly we are used to living the Beau­ti­ful and we qui­te take it for gran­ted. This often leads to the bad habit of down­gra­ding our ama­zing works, who­se pri­ce is often the sum of such a quan­ti­ty of real qua­li­ty. We hope that this moment will inter­rupt the trend towards unbrid­led dispo­sa­ble con­su­me­ri­sm and will make us reco­ver the taste for the pur­cha­se even­tual­ly redu­ced in quan­ti­ty, but imprin­ted by the true arti­sa­nal high qua­li­ty.  I stri­ve for the aware­ness of the right pri­ce, even high pri­ce, but con­scious of the ‘back­sta­ge’, that doesn’t mean to fol­low pas­si­ve­ly the fashion of reno­w­ned brands. It’s up to us, the arti­sans, to make it bet­ter under­stan­da­ble throu­gh a strong cros­swi­se thought, that can rai­se everybody’s awareness”.

Via Moli­ni 35, 10098 Rivo­li (TO)