The Bronzesmith Lesa

What is a bron­ze­smith making? The que­stion ari­ses spon­ta­neou­sly, that’s why we come and visit the bron­ze­smith Lucia­no Lesa’s work­shop in Cor­so San Mau­ri­zio (inhe­ri­ted by the father-in-law, owner sin­ce 1947). It is loca­ted in Van­chi­glia borou­gh, which luc­ki­ly still hosts a num­ber of work­shops. Lucia­no had almo­st stum­bled in it, when he was young, thin­king it was a kind of gara­ge, and sin­ce 1974 he has never left it. He too is a mem­ber of the Artes Asso­cia­tion, and actual­ly, his craft can be defi­ned as ‘uni­que’: “It’s true, the­re are no more work­shops like mine, and that’s why I’m still wor­king. I belie­ve I’m the only one in Pied­mont, not to say in Ita­ly”. The bron­ze­smith has elap­sed a sto­ry paral­lel to that of cabi­net­ma­kers and anti­qua­rians, crea­ting and resto­ring bron­zes, bet­ter said all the deco­ra­ti­ve and func­tio­nal acces­so­ries of fur­ni­tu­re (hand­les, legs, angle sections).

It was born toge­ther with the use of bron­ze espe­cial­ly for the exter­nal sta­tues, but actual­ly, the most used raw mate­rial beca­me brass. Fur­ni­tu­re fini­shes, we said, door and win­dow hand­les, chan­de­liers and oil-lamps: all of them custo­mi­zed. But also, repro­duc­tions of ancient studs, frie­zes, or deco­ra­tions for big cof­fers and vin­ta­ge wri­ting desks, crea­ted in accor­dan­ce to the ancient pro­ce­du­res, always use­ful in order to hand-make a strict num­ber of objects. 

Moreo­ver, the­re is a sec­tion dedi­ca­ted to the resto­ra­tion of wall lamps, brass acces­so­ries for doors and win­do­ws, beds, and lighting com­ple­ment. Custom and moder­ni­ty come toge­ther into a per­fect mix when exper­ti­se is as high as Luciano’s and ori­gi­nal fur­ni­shing desi­gns can be rea­li­zed. The­se works, as eve­ry hand­ma­de acti­vi­ty, requi­re time, dedi­ca­tion, and skill. 

That means a cost that only a few peo­ple can under­stand: “Yes, it’s not easy to make under­stand the value of our work. I make repli­cas, fini­shes, also rely­ing on foun­dries. My clien­ts are Ita­lian and forei­gn pri­va­tes, archi­tec­ts, col­lec­tors, desi­gners. I also deal with Insti­tu­tions and the Supe­rin­ten­den­cy, but with them, it’s very com­pli­ca­ted to have effec­ti­ve pro­fes­sio­nal col­la­bo­ra­tion. I also work toge­ther with hard­ware sto­res for some adjust­men­ts. My only bit­ter­ness remains not to see any futu­re lega­cy”. Youth should be aware that also the­se niche acti­vi­ties exi­st and they can reser­ve them a good pro­fes­sio­nal oppor­tu­ni­ty. As a result, obvious to say, of the same pas­sion, stu­dies and a lot, a lot of patience.

Cor­so San Mau­ri­zio 34 – Torino
Tel. 011 / 836554