GuitArt, the contemporary Lutherie with a handmade soul

Are music and craftmanship a combination that works? Judging by the vibes we feel in the contemporary lutherie workshop, in the center of the San Salvario district, we would answer: “yes, it does work!”. Dario Soncin, the GuitArt manager, explains to us that their workshop is: “a Custom which offers different services in the context of music: from the coating, personalization, and restoration of guitars, bass guitars, and drums, to the making of studio furniture. We even offer single guitar classes: they are an hour and a half long and customized to the needs of whoever wants to learn to play. We are a contemporary lutherie, which means we work on electric and acoustic instruments.”

Entering the small studio-workshop in via Belfiore we though perceive a tighter connection with the world of artisanship. “Here, since 1961, my father used to work: he was a carpenter and cabinet-maker., I used to come and help him, in the workshop nearby there was my uncle, an upholsterer.”

“We are four brothers – he continues – two of us are now living in England and are the founders of the ‘DramaLove’ group; I have a Bachelor in Industrial Design and with my other brother have started this lutherie”. That’s why guitars, instrument parts, old scores lie alongside ancient pieces of furniture, rugs, tools of a past that still echoed in the workshop.

“Instrument to be customized come from overall Italy, but also from abroad – he explains – and also demands ‘replicas’: for example, it can happen that somebody asks for a ‘copy’ of Elvis guitar, or of other iconic ones. Furthermore, we also build display cases to preserve musical instruments at home or ‘musical carpentry furniture’.”

A longstanding tradition: “I am a musician, my father used to play classic guitar and, basically, I keep on working with the same material, wood with precious finishes. I still have – and he concludes – the culture of restoration also in my work”.

Via Belfiore 26
10125 Torino