Art Deco: From 1988 They Are Coloring the World…

Wal­king around from one sto­re to ano­ther in Bor­go Cam­pi­do­glio, that is beco­ming more and more the cen­ter of high qua­li­ty craf­tsman­ship, we found this char­ming, bright and spa­cious lab cal­led Art Deco. Pain­tings and panels han­ging on the walls, gil­ded sta­tues, tools mixed with chairs and tre­stles, all part of the clut­ter of this lab/atelier/school that used to be a pain­ts factory.

A lot of light coming from the sky­lights helps to work with meti­cu­lou­sness, patien­ce and com­pe­ten­ce. We are tal­king with Rita Pon­ta­rol­lo, foun­der with Filip­po Manas­se­ro of “Art Deco dal 1988”: they arri­ved here 4 years ago after dif­fe­rent loca­tions around Tori­no. They rea­li­ze trom­pe l’oeil, pain­tings on exte­rior or inte­rior walls of fac­to­ries, pri­va­te resi­den­ces, con­do­mi­niums, offi­ces and histo­ric buildings. 

Over the years, thanks to all the expe­rien­ces they have made, they beco­me an excel­len­ce in their indu­stry: recen­tly Filip­po star­ted also to do the decor with scraps and the Japa­ne­se art of the Sumi‑E. Rita on the other hand has impro­ved her skills in the con­ser­va­ti­ve resto­ra­tion of decor and pain­tings. They also orga­ni­ze indi­vi­dual or group clas­ses on dif­fe­rent levels so that this art doesn’t get lost.

Eve­ry work starts with a pro­ject that is alrea­dy a pie­ce of art; it  takes time to do it and it  adds value  to the final pro­duct. Thank to their pro­fes­sio­na­li­sm, they were able to make a lot of con­nec­tions with other arti­sans in the area and exchan­ge their experiences. 

The cul­tu­re of the past helps to pre­pa­re a vision of the futu­re. The­re is no rush to finish a pro­ject: it doesn’t mat­ter how long it is going to take, it has to be done the right way. Beau­ty is going to save our world, we have to belie­ve it and tru­st our skills.

Bor­go Cam­pi­do­glio is a uni­que mix of curio­si­ty and inte­rests with lots of poten­tials in the respect of each other’s path. All toge­ther we can help Tori­no to grow. 

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