Art Deco: From 1988 They Are Coloring the World…

Walking around from one store to another in Borgo Campidoglio, that is becoming more and more the center of high quality craftsmanship, we found this charming, bright and spacious lab called Art Deco. Paintings and panels hanging on the walls, gilded statues, tools mixed with chairs and trestles, all part of the clutter of this lab/atelier/school that used to be a paints factory.

A lot of light coming from the skylights helps to work with meticulousness, patience and competence. We are talking with Rita Pontarollo, founder with Filippo Manassero of “Art Deco dal 1988”: they arrived here 4 years ago after different locations around Torino. They realize trompe l’oeil, paintings on exterior or interior walls of factories, private residences, condominiums, offices and historic buildings. 

Over the years, thanks to all the experiences they have made, they become an excellence in their industry: recently Filippo started also to do the decor with scraps and the Japanese art of the Sumi-E. Rita on the other hand has improved her skills in the conservative restoration of decor and paintings. They also organize individual or group classes on different levels so that this art doesn’t get lost.

Every work starts with a project that is already a piece of art; it  takes time to do it and it  adds value  to the final product. Thank to their professionalism, they were able to make a lot of connections with other artisans in the area and exchange their experiences. 

The culture of the past helps to prepare a vision of the future. There is no rush to finish a project: it doesn’t matter how long it is going to take, it has to be done the right way. Beauty is going to save our world, we have to believe it and trust our skills.

Borgo Campidoglio is a unique mix of curiosity and interests with lots of potentials in the respect of each other’s path. All together we can help Torino to grow.

Via Locana 17 – Borgo Campidoglio
Tel. 337 730416 oppure 335 8015840