Vocaturi, masters in ironwork

Far before questioning the artisan who works in via Bava, we are at once astonished by the display of samples and works, a variety of magnificent wrought iron creations, where indeed our sight indulges on the minutest details. Although the Vocaturi family’s heart – Armando, the father, ironwork master and Enrico, the son who today proudly continues the legacy – is the workshop at the back of the courtyard. Lots of artisans in Torino have been working in the courtyards of different boroughs of the city.

Armando and Enrico tell us that once each doorway facing their courtyard, now closed and turned into a residence, corresponded to a workshop, a handcraft, a story. And how beautiful it should have been! They withstood the change, also because they have partnered for very important commitments which allowed them to be numbered among the most valiant “Masters in Handicraft”. While he is speaking, Enrico gives us a copy of the book dedicated to his father’s life, in which the story of Armando is set within the framework of the Italian history from 1930 until nowadays.

A book that could be useful for young students in order to understand the efforts and determination needed to accomplish a job supported also by the strong inheritance of Calabria, Armando’s land of origin of which he is most proud. (“Some roots are necessary” – he states). Several jobs since he was a kid in a big family, the difficulties of moving to Torino, the disorientation, but then the love of his life, his wife, his sons and an independent job, that thanks to his recognized mastery, brought him to work for most and most important commissioners. Among them Accorsi, currently the most renowned and valued antiquarian.

Working for him, being part of his team means to deliver high quality craftmanship to clients who can distinguish the beautiful from the ordinary. And this is Armando’s added value, as he has always been personally caring for the workshop production (whatever the circumstances) and he has always had an innate yearning, a gentleness in forging, the “plus” which makes the difference and stands out.

The list of the private and public works is really long, likely wide is the range of pieces and creations produced (chandeliers, wall lamps, railings, reconstructions and restorations, pots, lanterns, tables, chairs, fruit trees and baskets of still life that seem real). Their pictures are more eloquent than words. Excellence lies in the finishes, the details, but also in the perfect design. And the technique, the hand motion remains unchanged over time. It is a heart-warming pleasure to watch them working at the forge. Enrico is enthusiastic as he joyfully collects a precious wealth of experience adding his talent and the generous intent to coalesce the artisans and support the young apprentices through the project “school-workshop”. He thus invests for the future, in order to ensure opportunities, nothing being left behind. Let’s trust and support him!

Via Eusebio Bava 5 – Torino
Tel. 011/882239