Bugiarda By Di Lu’: the handmade tailoring

If the­re is a field whe­re com­pe­ti­tion and con­ta­mi­na­tion, even at inter­na­tio­nal level, are high, tastes chan­ge, brands rapid­ly emer­ge and decay and the finan­cial cri­sis abrup­tly hits, then, this is the field of fashion. But this is also the ran­ge that fasci­na­tes and ‘’dres­ses our per­so­na­li­ty with an impe­ra­ti­ve second skin that repre­sen­ts us. Within the­se boun­da­ries, choo­sing for 40 years the tru­ly Ita­lian qua­li­ty beco­mes a cou­ra­ge, defian­ce, cohe­ren­ce and crea­ti­vi­ty act. 

This is the mes­sa­ge we per­cei­ve upon ente­ring the showroom/workshop of Anto­nio Crea­co, foun­der of the brand Bugiar­da By di Lu’, com­ple­te women’s total look. “Sin­ce chil­d­hood I’ve always enjoyed a strong pas­sion for the aesthe­tics of beau­ty in clo­thing. I would endu­re wha­te­ver sacri­fi­ce in order to wear custom-made shirts. This incli­na­tion to the beau­ti­ful has easi­ly brought me to work fir­stly as sale­sman, then led me to the choi­ce of desi­gning and pro­du­cing clo­thes on my own.” 

Sin­ce then two “rea­dy and pro­gram­med” col­lec­tions a year (or pro­po­sals for the ongoing sea­son) toge­ther with two laun­ches of a few anti­ci­pa­to­ry models in the inter­me­dia­te sea­sons have been crea­ted in a tai­lo­ring sty­le. The brand is distri­bu­ted throu­gh medium to high level retai­lers in nor­thern Ita­ly and as far as Tusca­ny and Cote d’Azur. Loyal custo­mers with whom Anto­nio holds a tight con­nec­tion sin­ce eve­ry cloth is custo­mi­zed for the client. This is the arti­san­ship of his tai­lo­ring work­shop, whe­re serial pro­duc­tion doesn’t exi­st, but on the con­tra­ry per­so­na­li­za­tion is maxi­mi­zed. “My sty­le is a moder­ni­zed, time­less clas­sic, that over­co­mes the fashion tran­sien­ce and encoun­ters its own peculiarity”.

And remai­ning in his labo­ra­to­ry, besi­des the Ita­lian seam­stres­ses, among his fabrics, the paper pat­terns and the han­ging dres­ses we under­stand the added values of the brand: the qua­li­ty of Ita­lian made fabrics, a pain­sta­king atten­tion to details that tran­sforms a stan­dar­di­zed assem­bly in a uni­que and exclu­si­ve manu­fac­tu­re, the maxi­mum ver­sa­ti­li­ty which allo­ws infi­ni­te varia­tions and modi­fi­ca­tions to the basic out­fit, the taste for color decli­ned into a tru­ly gif­ted and modern chro­ma­tic coor­di­na­tion, the har­mo­nious pro­por­tions stem­ming from a solid foundation.

Bugiar­da by Di Lu’ means all this and a lot more. Anto­nio avails him­self of his wife Mag­da Cresto’s assi­stan­ce: she takes care of the custo­mers’ requests and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Both are con­cer­ned for the cur­rent cri­sis and com­plain about a lack of inte­re­st of the Insti­tu­tions as con­cerns the fashion busi­ness, that repre­sen­ts an impor­tant sec­tor of our eco­no­my: “We are hea­ding towards a defi­ni­te sca­ling-down, which will be mar­king a clear distinc­tion bet­ween low and medium/high qua­li­ty pro­duc­ts. The inter­me­dia­te pro­duc­tion layer will the­re­fo­re be mis­sing due to a for­ced selec­tion. Nobo­dy safe­guards the local crea­ti­ve han­di­work. A strong poli­ti­cal sup­port is mis­sing, eve­ry day we have to accom­plish bureau­cra­tic for­ma­li­ties detrac­ting time to our work.” 

We are sor­ry to gather such bit­ter­ness from tho­se who for years have been wor­king with com­mit­ment to beau­ty. And so, we revert to the par excel­len­ce pre­fer­red cloth: “We are cle­ver in making the out­wear, the bla­zer and a thou­sand ver­sions of the jac­ket. That’s whe­re the craft­man­ship and exper­ti­se in har­mo­ni­zing pro­por­tions is sho­wn. A fini­shed cloth implies infi­ni­te adjustments.”

Bugiar­da By Di Lu’
Via Exil­les 67 – TORINO
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