Giustetto Pasta Factory: The Story Goes On…

It hap­pens that some shops, work­shops repre­sent a city, an enti­re com­mu­ni­ty. They beco­me its true wit­ness, their path fol­lo­ws natu­ral­ly along deca­des the one of the city, tur­ning them into a histo­ri­cal memo­ry and an impor­tant human and pro­fes­sio­nal aggre­ga­tion point, kno­wn to the most. This and a lot more had been the Bro­thers Giu­stet­to Pasta Fac­to­ry in via San­ta Tere­sa, acti­ve sin­ce 1911, to which we are plea­sed in this web­si­te to express our well-deser­ved appre­cia­tion, now that, after their reti­re­ment in 2019, the siblings Lui­gi and Anna have both pas­sed away in a mat­ter of weeks.

A fate emble­ma­tic of their lives ful­ly shared bet­ween each other and their work. They had gro­wn in their paren­ts’ pasta fac­to­ry, lear­ning the craft sin­ce their chil­d­hood in the ’40, in dif­fi­cult times of war and hard­ship. Sin­ce then, they have never relin­qui­shed the acti­vi­ty, con­tri­bu­ting to pro­mo­te, even beyond the bor­ders, the typi­cal Pied­mon­ts’ dishes like agnòlot, taja­rin, Rus­sian salad, meals and other deli­ca­cies, coo­ked using the anti­que reci­pes of Fran­ce­sco, the foun­der. He, Lui­gi in the bac­kroom pre­pa­ring the food­stuff, and she, his sister Anna kind­ly ten­ding to the clien­ts kno­wn to her by name.

Pho­to Gabriel­la Carmignani

A shop of other times, even in the fur­ni­shing, which had beco­me a mee­ting point for tell­ta­les and lighthear­ted chat­ter. We remem­ber the Anna’s addi­tions, done by hand on recy­cled paper without ever a mista­ke, even when she was advan­cing in age. It is nice to have kno­wn them. It is good that Tori­no and the Tori­ne­si are able to wel­co­me and appre­cia­te rea­li­ties of this kind. We wish this to be a start, a futu­re also for young arti­sans, of whom in turn someo­ne will be wri­ting in a long, long time. 

We wish that the­se exam­ples can find and encou­ra­ge moral “inhe­ri­tors”. For now, the pasta fac­to­ry remains acti­ve with their nephew Fran­co Rabez­za­na, owner of the adjoi­ning tavern and wine­ry. To him our most heart­felt encou­ra­ge­ment and support.