Giustetto Pasta Factory: The Story Goes On…

It happens that some shops, workshops represent a city, an entire community. They become its true witness, their path follows naturally along decades the one of the city, turning them into a historical memory and an important human and professional aggregation point, known to the most. This and a lot more had been the Brothers Giustetto Pasta Factory in via Santa Teresa, active since 1911, to which we are pleased in this website to express our well-deserved appreciation, now that, after their retirement in 2019, the siblings Luigi and Anna have both passed away in a matter of weeks.

A fate emblematic of their lives fully shared between each other and their work. They had grown in their parents’ pasta factory, learning the craft since their childhood in the ’40, in difficult times of war and hardship. Since then, they have never relinquished the activity, contributing to promote, even beyond the borders, the typical Piedmonts’ dishes like agnòlot, tajarin, Russian salad, meals and other delicacies, cooked using the antique recipes of Francesco, the founder. He, Luigi in the backroom preparing the foodstuff, and she, his sister Anna kindly tending to the clients known to her by name.

Photo Gabriella Carmignani

A shop of other times, even in the furnishing, which had become a meeting point for telltales and lighthearted chatter. We remember the Anna’s additions, done by hand on recycled paper without ever a mistake, even when she was advancing in age. It is nice to have known them. It is good that Torino and the Torinesi are able to welcome and appreciate realities of this kind. We wish this to be a start, a future also for young artisans, of whom in turn someone will be writing in a long, long time.

We wish that these examples can find and encourage moral “inheritors”. For now, the pasta factory remains active with their nephew Franco Rabezzana, owner of the adjoining tavern and winery. To him our most heartfelt encouragement and support.