Elena Biringhelli and Her Poetical “Panoramini”

The ideas arise seemingly by chance, but in our soul and mind, they are the result of several professional and human experiences, that takes a different shape. And women, it needs to be said, are true masters in this, thanks to innate, congenital flexibility and mental creativity. Elena Biringhelli’s story, culminating in her “Panoramini – Scatole con vista” (landscape dioramas – boxes with a view), is a confirmation.

Her training was as a passionate photographer, which left her an attitude for an outstanding organization of spaces, but she has also worked as a graphic designer with a well-defined vision of the drawing. Moreover, living in the historic center of Torino, she has chosen also to reserve part of the spaces to the B&B service at the disposal of tourists in love with the city. This kind of hosting implies a tied, warm relationship with the customers, and Elena is great in welcoming and making the customers appreciate the place they are visiting. Moreover, having the chance to receive a gift that may fix the stay in the visitors’ memory, is a wonderful idea.

The “panoramini” were therefore born as small, exclusive, and unique souvenirs. “It’s true – she tells us – these wooden portable theatres, unique pieces indeed, are the sum of design, the prospective cut developed as a photographer, the materials recycling, the poetic value of a site-related story, an experience, an object. Space to fantasy laid in a non-reproducible water-colored coffer (also a vintage collection with a tin box as a container), where we can add some figures, sentences, also brief rebus and embed memories, emotions. It’s beautiful to customize the “panoramino” as we want to get. I like listening to stories. As it’s shown on my website, working on some orders, I’ve let me engage in this extraordinary game, creating some suggestions (from clouds with floating persons to impossible and delicate flowers, or ties held together by a very thin thread. And then the series of the tin boxes containing the drawing). I love working on the miniatures in the book or small box forms: they demand a lot of time and the highest precision”.

A project in your future? “Yes, to identify evocative locations, that own a story and a transformation and valorize them through their evolution. They could be a great business card for tourism in our country”. That’s true: also the touristic promotion could find in artisans effective representatives, why not? These sectors are very important for our economy and our culture. “We need to learn to collaborate, find new synergies even among us, the artisans; together, in order to be more and more valorized.” Let’s try it!

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