www.fatto-a-mano.it: new contents in the website

Although it’s just a few months since the “Fatto a Mano” website dedicated to craftmanship is active online, it is giving us a lot of satisfaction. The contact with artisans gives real insight and the opportunity to open a discussion in a moment of great difficulties at every level. That’s why we think it can be useful to implement it with new content, two more columns to which we ask you to interact, sending your advice.

Under 35”: a space for the younger generation of artisans. Their interest in this sector is growing. Their peculiar, diverse sight is challenging. They deserve visibility and support in order to explain to us the new borders within which the world of artisanship will take shape, also thanks to the new technologies.

Out of the field”: What are the new trends of creativity? Which link exists between handicraft and the territory where it develops? How much can effective communication help in its growth? Online selling: yes or no? These and other questions might help everybody to better understand by the word of professionals and experts, what kind of strategies should be adopted to overcome difficulties, keep up with the times, make an impact. 

We invite you to send your concerns. We will contact experts and consultants. We will engage in a discussion useful for everybody, open to all. Send your emails to info@fatto-a-mano.it. We are on Instagram, too and soon we will be on Facebook.