Ted Martina Consoli: the sound craftsman

Ted Martin Consoli, born in America and Italian by adoption (Biella), is not just a sound technician, but a true artisan of the sound, who has turned the study and combination of noises into a real profession. Since his adolescence he has realized that rhythm would have been part of his identity, “I played the drums and basketball and I knew that those were my talents, which helped me to express myself and showed my true personality, as the color of my skin often would often constrain me”.

After graduating from High School (Liceo), he decided to enroll at the School of Advanced Specialization for Sound Techniques, where he was trained and enabled to interact with people from all around the world. That’s why, afterwards, he chose London as the first stage of his career. But there he feels too far away from those “noises” that are already part of himself, and he realizes that each person “has a sound that he/she bears inside”. Ted missed the flowing of the creeks, the dialect, his Italian everyday life.

For this reason, he came back to Italy and began to consider the “sonic identities”, peculiar to each one. His target became to record and actively raise awareness on the sounds which characterize local communities, whose loss would mean the loss of identity of the territories themselves. That was the start of the project called “The Sound Map”, a path within Biella’s region – and not only – which enables to concretely hear and listen to the most peculiar noises/sounds in the valley.

Ted describes the structure of the map, that is divided into four areas: Water, the City, Sport and Artisanship. In detail “regarding Artisanship I’ve gathered the sounds of the workshops, small and frail noises, while as concerns Water I’ve recorded the flowing of the creeks, that represent both life, and work. In fact, they contribute to the textile production as well as to the collection and distribution of the most known brands of mineral waters. In Sport I have privileged the noise of basketball, whereas all about the City I’ve given voice to artificial sounds and the ones from the factories.” 

Ted ci racconta la struttura della mappa è divisa in quattro zone: l’acqua, la città, lo sport e l’artigianato. In particolare “dell’artigianato ho colto i suoni delle botteghe e dell’estrazione, rumori piccoli e fragili allo stesso tempo, mentre dell’acqua ho voluto cogliere lo scorrere dei torrenti che rappresentano sia vita, che lavoro dal momento che contribuiscono alla lavorazione sia settore tessile, sia di alcune delle marche di acqua più famose in Italia. Dello sport ho privilegiato il rumore del basket, mentre -per quanto riguarda la città- ho dato voce ai suoni artificiali e a quelli delle fabbriche biellesi”.

Over time, Ted has developed business partnerships with firms dealing with “acoustic comfort”, caring for their employees’ well-being, a new sector that is to him rewarding. Ted is a sound technician who approaches the modernity with deep insight and intelligent evaluation: a real Artisan 2.0!

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