Ted Martina Consoli: the sound craftsman

Ted Mar­tin Con­so­li, born in Ame­ri­ca and Ita­lian by adop­tion (Biel­la), is not just a sound tech­ni­cian, but a true arti­san of the sound, who has tur­ned the stu­dy and com­bi­na­tion of noi­ses into a real pro­fes­sion. Sin­ce his ado­le­scen­ce he has rea­li­zed that rhy­thm would have been part of his iden­ti­ty, “I played the drums and basket­ball and I knew that tho­se were my talen­ts, which hel­ped me to express myself and sho­wed my true per­so­na­li­ty, as the color of my skin often would often con­strain me”.

After gra­dua­ting from High School (Liceo), he deci­ded to enroll at the School of Advan­ced Spe­cia­li­za­tion for Sound Tech­ni­ques, whe­re he was trai­ned and ena­bled to inte­ract with peo­ple from all around the world. That’s why, after­wards, he cho­se Lon­don as the fir­st sta­ge of his career. But the­re he feels too far away from tho­se “noi­ses” that are alrea­dy part of him­self, and he rea­li­zes that each per­son “has a sound that he/she bears insi­de”. Ted mis­sed the flo­wing of the creeks, the dia­lect, his Ita­lian eve­ry­day life.

For this rea­son, he came back to Ita­ly and began to con­si­der the “sonic iden­ti­ties”, pecu­liar to each one. His tar­get beca­me to record and acti­ve­ly rai­se aware­ness on the sounds which cha­rac­te­ri­ze local com­mu­ni­ties, who­se loss would mean the loss of iden­ti­ty of the ter­ri­to­ries them­sel­ves. That was the start of the pro­ject cal­led “The Sound Map”, a path within Biella’s region – and not only – which ena­bles to con­cre­te­ly hear and listen to the most pecu­liar noises/sounds in the valley. 

Ted descri­bes the struc­tu­re of the map, that is divi­ded into four areas: Water, the City, Sport and Arti­san­ship. In detail “regar­ding Arti­san­ship I’ve gathe­red the sounds of the work­shops, small and frail noi­ses, whi­le as con­cerns Water I’ve recor­ded the flo­wing of the creeks, that repre­sent both life, and work. In fact, they con­tri­bu­te to the tex­ti­le pro­duc­tion as well as to the col­lec­tion and distri­bu­tion of the most kno­wn brands of mine­ral waters. In Sport I have pri­vi­le­ged the noi­se of basket­ball, whe­reas all about the City I’ve given voi­ce to arti­fi­cial sounds and the ones from the factories.” 

Ted ci rac­con­ta la strut­tu­ra del­la map­pa è divi­sa in quat­tro zone: l’ac­qua, la cit­tà, lo sport e l’ar­ti­gia­na­to. In par­ti­co­la­re “del­l’ar­ti­gia­na­to ho col­to i suo­ni del­le bot­te­ghe e del­l’e­stra­zio­ne, rumo­ri pic­co­li e fra­gi­li allo stes­so tem­po, men­tre del­l’ac­qua ho volu­to coglie­re lo scor­re­re dei tor­ren­ti che rap­pre­sen­ta­no sia vita, che lavo­ro dal momen­to che con­tri­bui­sco­no alla lavo­ra­zio­ne sia set­to­re tes­si­le, sia di alcu­ne del­le mar­che di acqua più famo­se in Ita­lia. Del­lo sport ho pri­vi­le­gia­to il rumo­re del basket, men­tre ‑per quan­to riguar­da la cit­tà- ho dato voce ai suo­ni arti­fi­cia­li e a quel­li del­le fab­bri­che biel­le­si”.

Over time, Ted has deve­lo­ped busi­ness part­ner­ships with firms dea­ling with “acou­stic com­fort”, caring for their employees’ well-being, a new sec­tor that is to him rewar­ding. Ted is a sound tech­ni­cian who approa­ches the moder­ni­ty with deep insight and intel­li­gent eva­lua­tion: a real Arti­san 2.0!

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