Valentina Malcangi : architect of the “oneiric bijoux”

Born to a beautiful family, her father who used to draw and her mother a truly special woman, a rewarding bachelor leading her to work in the field of interior design and restructuring, her own essential affections, lots of passions. But as time went by, despite her compelling agenda, Valentina Malcangi’s impulse little by little has taken concrete shape.

“I remember how attentively I would observe my father painting; as well as I remember when I was little girl on the beach, facing the sea my favorite place, crushing the leftovers of bricks and with the powder drawing on stones. Then along the years I discovered ceramic. But the successful idea on which I’ve focused and I’ve been working so enthusiastically is the handcrafted bijoux.” 

With a smile we learn the name she has called them right on the start: the “consolini”, that means light, decorative, innovative, heartwarming objects, affordable by everyone, once you wish to receive a well-deserved cuddle. With what kind of material did you start? “I began with plasticized paper in order to create large but light, very ornamental works. In my veins also flows Apulian blood and the taste for décor comes from there”. She then moved to copper, pearls, glass, fabrics. During her trips she gets inspired and buys new materials. And as in every beautiful tale, here comes a beautiful title to it: the “oneiric bijoux”. Why oneiric? “Sometimes they really appear to me in a dream or during the first phase of awakening. But, besides that, I’ve chosen this name because I’d like to think that my creations could be something magical, yielding a sprinkle of emotions in the day-to-day life.

Entering the creative process allows a strange amazement, in which you enjoy an absolute, unconditioned freedom.” Joy pervades whoever wears the bijoux, that we perceive having different shapes: “Yes, the harmony of Pisces, because it’s my zodiac sign, it recalls my beloved sea, and allows me to use colors, another peculiarity of my art. And then the Heart, the world of affections. The Flowers. All of them being positive symbols, I try to transfer happiness, joy through my bijoux”. Inspiration to Valentina are sudden flashes which find in the memories of one’s life all kinds of connections. Afterwards you need technical skill. But she tells us that artisanship “involves a special sensitivity that has to be appreciated in the purchase of the unique object, regardless of its material value. Within a handcrafted work there a bit of the artisan’s heart.

Today, and as architect I can confirm it, the culture of beauty is missing. All is anonymous, standardized. The ideas and the brave choices are missing”. Your dream? “Evolving to important materials, thus succeeding to create, with the melting of metal, precious objects of goldsmith art”.

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