Valentina Malcangi : architect of the “oneiric bijoux”

Born to a beau­ti­ful fami­ly, her father who used to draw and her mother a tru­ly spe­cial woman, a rewar­ding bache­lor lea­ding her to work in the field of inte­rior desi­gn and restruc­tu­ring, her own essen­tial affec­tions, lots of pas­sions. But as time went by, despi­te her com­pel­ling agen­da, Valen­ti­na Malcangi’s impul­se lit­tle by lit­tle has taken con­cre­te shape. 

“I remem­ber how atten­ti­ve­ly I would obser­ve my father pain­ting; as well as I remem­ber when I was lit­tle girl on the beach, facing the sea my favo­ri­te pla­ce, cru­shing the lef­to­vers of bricks and with the pow­der dra­wing on sto­nes. Then along the years I disco­ve­red cera­mic. But the suc­ces­sful idea on which I’ve focu­sed and I’ve been wor­king so enthu­sia­sti­cal­ly is the han­d­craf­ted bijoux.” 

With a smi­le we learn the name she has cal­led them right on the start: the “con­so­li­ni”, that means light, deco­ra­ti­ve, inno­va­ti­ve, heart­war­ming objec­ts, affor­da­ble by eve­ryo­ne, once you wish to recei­ve a well-deser­ved cudd­le. With what kind of mate­rial did you start? “I began with pla­sti­ci­zed paper in order to crea­te lar­ge but light, very orna­men­tal works. In my veins also flo­ws Apu­lian blood and the taste for décor comes from the­re”. She then moved to cop­per, pearls, glass, fabrics. During her trips she gets inspi­red and buys new mate­rials. And as in eve­ry beau­ti­ful tale, here comes a beau­ti­ful title to it: the “onei­ric bijoux”. Why onei­ric? “Some­ti­mes they real­ly appear to me in a dream or during the fir­st pha­se of awa­ke­ning. But, besi­des that, I’ve cho­sen this name becau­se I’d like to think that my crea­tions could be some­thing magi­cal, yiel­ding a sprin­kle of emo­tions in the day-to-day life. 

Ente­ring the crea­ti­ve pro­cess allo­ws a stran­ge ama­ze­ment, in which you enjoy an abso­lu­te, uncon­di­tio­ned free­dom.” Joy per­va­des whoe­ver wears the bijoux, that we per­cei­ve having dif­fe­rent sha­pes: “Yes, the har­mo­ny of Pisces, becau­se it’s my zodiac sign, it recalls my belo­ved sea, and allo­ws me to use colors, ano­ther pecu­lia­ri­ty of my art. And then the Heart, the world of affec­tions. The Flo­wers. All of them being posi­ti­ve sym­bols, I try to trans­fer hap­pi­ness, joy throu­gh my bijoux”. Inspi­ra­tion to Valen­ti­na are sud­den fla­shes which find in the memo­ries of one’s life all kinds of con­nec­tions. After­wards you need tech­ni­cal skill. But she tells us that arti­san­ship “invol­ves a spe­cial sen­si­ti­vi­ty that has to be appre­cia­ted in the pur­cha­se of the uni­que object, regard­less of its mate­rial value. Within a han­d­craf­ted work the­re a bit of the artisan’s heart.

Today, and as archi­tect I can con­firm it, the cul­tu­re of beau­ty is mis­sing. All is ano­ny­mous, stan­dar­di­zed. The ideas and the bra­ve choi­ces are mis­sing”. Your dream? “Evol­ving to impor­tant mate­rials, thus suc­cee­ding to crea­te, with the mel­ting of metal, pre­cious objec­ts of gold­smith art”.

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