Alessandro Gatto Bags: The Artisan-Designer in San Salvario District

In the color­ful and crea­ti­ve district of San Sal­va­rio in Tori­no, we are going to meet the fir­st “under 35” arti­san, the pro­ta­go­ni­st of the new column of “Fat­to a Mano”. His name is Ales­san­dro Gat­to: he is wai­ting for us in his work­shop, loca­ted in Via Bel­fio­re, whe­re he expo­ses his beau­ti­ful lea­ther bags and acces­so­ries. We imme­dia­te­ly note behind him also a carpenter’s work­shop and asi­de from it an exhi­bi­tion of beau­ti­ful pain­tings. A loca­tion whe­re crea­ti­vi­ty fills the air all around. “That’s it! – tells us Ales­san­dro – we co-work, col­la­bo­ra­ting with each other and opti­mi­zing not only inspi­ra­tion but also expenses”.

What an extra gear, it’s our prompt com­ment, brea­king down the indi­vi­dua­li­sm bar­riers is essen­tial in order to grant to han­di­craft a suc­ces­sful futu­re: “Abso­lu­te­ly. The craft­man­ship world must be redi­sco­ve­red, must come back to life. Up to 30 years ago it was not con­si­de­red a real oppor­tu­ni­ty as a per­ma­nent job posi­tion. In addi­tion, not all the most expe­rien­ced arti­sans have been able to inte­gra­te with the youn­ge­st gene­ra­tion, pre­ser­ving their pro­fes­sio­nal secre­ts, instead of sha­ring and tea­ching their pre­cious exper­ti­se. But the inte­re­st in redi­sco­ve­ring the han­d­craf­ted pro­duc­ts is again gro­wing up, toge­ther with the new tech­no­lo­gies, that will give to the arti­san­ship new sha­pes”. It’s a very com­pe­ti­ti­ve pro­ject, but we like what Ales­san­dro is doing.


In his web­si­te, a col­la­ge of pic­tu­res with only a few words of com­ment, he fir­st defi­nes him­self as an ‘arti­san’, then a ‘brand’. “After my IAD degree, a lit­tle by chan­ce, a lit­tle by anger, due to low paid works with some start-up enter­pri­ses, always moti­va­ted by a strong crea­ti­ve impul­se, I’ve deci­ded to put all my chips in my talent. That’s why I’ve ope­ned my own shop, whe­re I sell my col­lec­tions of bac­k­packs, and some other lea­ther acces­so­ries, com­ple­te­ly desi­gned, pro­jec­ted, and rea­li­zed by myself. To see the crea­tion accom­pli­shed, gives an incre­di­ble emotion”.

Ravi­shed, we look at the­se beau­ti­ful bac­k­packs, that are today Alessandro’s lea­ding pro­duct. Dif­fe­rent colors, uni­sex, diver­se sha­pes, they are part of the “Sand” col­lec­tion, thanks to a very modern and deco­ra­ti­ve gra­phic pat­tern that recalls the desert sand or the beach. “The highe­st custo­mi­za­tion is clear­ly, what thrills me the most. Thanks to the sup­port of the Mar­chi­gia­na, a skil­led arti­san wor­king in the same district, who hel­ped me so much and who­se hand­ma­de shoes are here sho­wn, I rea­li­ze exac­tly what the clien­ts wish, no limi­ts to their demands. Work sat­chels, bac­k­packs, pur­ses, ruck­sacks, acces­so­ries, wha­te­ver item is pos­si­ble thanks to the tru­st-based rela­tion­ship that is crea­ted bet­ween the arti­san-desi­gner and the customer”. 

For Christ­mas, Ales­san­dro has recei­ved seve­ral orders, also throu­gh his spe­cial “gift-card”, natu­ral­ly a lea­ther one, an effec­ti­ve tool for a valued pre­sent. And he soon might also need a co-wor­ker, due to a big order of sustai­na­ble fabric bags. Fur­ther­mo­re, the clas­ses to teach the bags hand sewing still are wai­ting to re-start in his labo­ra­to­ry. “Yes, I’m a tea­cher, too: I like it very much. We have alrea­dy orga­ni­zed plen­ty of clas­ses not only for youth but also for pas­sio­na­te pro­fes­sio­nals, from 30 years upwards, for a full immer­sion in a fasci­na­ting world”.

Via Bel­fio­re 20 F, Torino
Tel. 339 3585838 (da lune­dì a saba­to dal­le ore 16 alle ore 20)
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