About Us

Should any­bo­dy ask me about my most ancient and spon­ta­neous olfac­ti­ve memo­ry, I would answer the wood lac­quer lay­ing in two ove­ru­sed pots in my father’s resto­rer and ebo­ni­st work­shop in Tori­no, Via Bel­le­zia 5. It was long­ti­me befo­re this street was inclu­ded in the “Roman Qua­dran­gle” area, so plea­san­tly popu­lar nowa­days among locals and tou­rists. The smells, fra­gran­ces for me, in that humid, mes­sy stu­dio whe­re the more tech­no­lo­gi­cal tool was the draf­ting machi­ne, are lod­ged in my heart and their memo­ry has never vani­shed. Sin­ce then, even if I was just a child, a true pas­sion was born and got gro­wing in me for han­di­craft in all its mul­ti­ple expres­sions, and for eve­ry­bo­dy who “makes by hand” with crea­ti­vi­ty, effort, com­mit­ment. My stu­dies have then taken me elsewhe­re, but now that I’m an adult, I bet­ter under­stand that often­ti­mes in life encoun­ters hap­pen that are far from casual. Just like the one with my friend Chia­ra, who shares with me the same fasci­na­tion for the arti­san exper­ti­se and for the sto­ries of tho­se who car­ry them for­ward. Here comes the idea to invent a web­si­te focu­sed on our “arti­san” Torino.


 city may be disco­ve­red and descri­bed throu­gh many dif­fe­rent per­spec­ti­ves. Some of them are more visi­ble: its squa­res, its monu­men­ts, its pecu­lia­ri­ties, the alrea­dy-kno­wn faces. Others are more silent, may­be a lit­tle “pum­me­led” by the rapid evo­lu­tion of a more and more tech­no­lo­gi­cal, digi­tal, visual socie­ty, and now by the deva­sta­ting effec­ts of the virus, also the eco­no­mic one, never­the­less still here sug­ge­sting sto­ries, some­ti­mes lasting deca­des. They are the arti­san work­shops, from the smal­le­st and unk­no­wn ones to tho­se best kno­wn. Work­shops that nar­ra­te fami­ly histo­ries, but also the adven­tu­re of whom, after a long trip, has cho­sen Tori­no as a new home, brin­ging here his/her maste­ry, colors, perfumes.
“Hand Made”, this is how we cho­se to call our web­si­te, has this very aim: go and search, wal­king along the stree­ts in Tori­no, ente­ring cour­tyards, liste­ning, may­be, throu­gh some “word of mouth”, the world of the arti­san work­shops, crea­ting, lit­tle by lit­tle, a map, an iti­ne­ra­ry to disco­ver, or perhaps redi­sco­ver, a dif­fe­rent and uni­que natu­re of our “lit­tle Paris”. Come with us!


I enthu­sia­sti­cal­ly at once accep­ted Chia­ra and Adelaide’s pro­po­sal of trans­la­ting in English the “Hand­Ma­de” web­si­te pages. What a won­der­ful oppor­tu­ni­ty to unveil the secre­ts of the han­di­craft crea­ti­vi­ty, come to know the pro­ta­go­nists and con­cre­te­ly con­tri­bu­ting in giving them visi­bi­li­ty abroad! Fur­ther­mo­re, in the past four years, living in Man­hat­tan, I’ve had the chan­ce to see how forei­gners tru­ly love the “Made in Ita­ly”, not only the main luxu­ry Brands, but espe­cial­ly tho­se smal­ler pri­ce­less rea­li­ties span­gling New York City. That’s what I call “Made by Ita­lians”, and I intend men and women who weren’t afraid to accept a chal­len­ging inhe­ri­tan­ce or to re-invent a new pro­fes­sio­na­li­ty in order to proud­ly assert the Ita­lian Style. 

And if the trans­la­tion won’t be per­fect, par­don me, the intent is not to trans­la­te the words, but to tran­smit the passion!


Eve­ry nation, if it intends to remain strong, must have a manu­fac­tu­ring base” the quo­te from Chris Ander­son embo­dies the mea­ning of this pro­ject toge­ther with my inte­re­st in the world of craf­tsman­ship. A coa­le­scen­ce of worlds made of crea­ti­vi­ty, pre­ci­sion and a lot of dedi­ca­tion that inspi­res me to nar­ra­te rea­li­ties often time lit­tle kno­wn. I like to wri­te, film and tell the  “hand­ma­de world”.