Fein: the gold workshops where jewels play rock …

When we want to buy a jewel, we don’t pay atten­tion to whe­ther the shop is owned by a gold­smith or a jewe­ler. The obser­va­tion of the craft sec­tor is tea­ching us to use the cor­rect terms and that each term cor­re­sponds to a dif­fe­rent pro­fes­sio­na­li­sm. In this chap­ter, we find our­sel­ves in the ele­gant Via Cibra­rio, a few steps from Piaz­za Sta­tu­to and from the cen­ter of Tori­no, visi­ting “Fein le offi­ci­ne ora­fe”. This is how the busi­ness of owner Fran­ce­sco Fer­ra­ra pre­sen­ts itself. The sho­w­ca­ses highlight a huge varie­ty of jewels. 

We have an appoint­ment with him, and with the arti­san cera­mi­st Ste­fa­nia Mai­ra­no, a friend of our web­si­te, who­se laboratory/shop is not far away. We will also under­stand the rea­son for her pre­sen­ce later.

We let Fran­ce­sco explain the ori­gins of this activity.

“Mine is an ancient pas­sion. I have been a gold­smith for 35 years. As a young man, at a cer­tain point, I felt I was vege­ta­ting without fin­ding the right outlet. One day I found in my hands a boo­klet from a school in Valen­za, and I deci­ded to attend it. From the­re, it was abso­lu­te love. After wor­king in a shop and pro­du­cing  few pie­ces on my own in a base­ment, I ended up choo­sing Via Cibra­rio to open this shop. Our shop, mine and my for­mer busi­ness part­ner but cur­rent col­la­bo­ra­tor Maria Tere­sa Infan­ti­no, is not only a resa­le shop but also a labo­ra­to­ry whe­re we desi­gn and pro­du­ce eve­ry­thing by our­sel­ves. Gold, sil­ver, pre­cious sto­nes inclu­ding dia­monds, our crea­ti­vi­ty is put at the ser­vi­ce of the taste of our custo­mers and of our inspi­ra­tion with no limi­ts. Today the­re is a clear orien­ta­tion towards modern desi­gned jewels com­pa­red to more clas­sic forms. We inter­cept the taste of our custo­mers and we ela­bo­ra­te it with put­ting our spin on it. It took time to get custo­mers accu­sto­med to dif­fe­rent sha­pes, colors and mate­rials. We also offer tran­sfor­ma­tion of jewels they own. For us, gold and sil­ver are excel­lent allies of ebo­ny and ple­xi­glass. The base of our work, is the uni­que­ness of each pie­ce, the only way to distin­guish our personality”. 

In the labo­ra­to­ry behind the sales area, the­re is a lot of acti­vi­ty going on: we find a lot of young peo­ple becau­se Fran­ce­sco has joi­ned with great sati­sfac­tion the Bottega/Scuola pro­ject. A fasci­na­ting envi­ron­ment that despi­te what one might think, it requi­res pre­ci­sion and strength. 

“Our crea­ti­ve pro­cess hap­pens bac­k­wards. It starts from the sto­ne, not from a pre­ci­se desi­gn, and the­re the idea is trig­ge­red: the­re is no lack of fun. Today we work a lot on the varied form”. 

It is easy to under­stand when he sho­ws us nec­kla­ces and abo­ve all uni­que, three dimen­sio­nal, unpre­dic­ta­ble rings, some with move­men­ts of inter­nal parts. An acces­so­ry that dres­ses like a dress, we would say. 

We come to the col­lec­tion that deve­lo­ped from the col­la­bo­ra­tion bet­ween Fran­ce­sco and Ste­fa­nia Mai­ra­no. The name of the col­lec­tion is Kera­mi­ka. Gor­geous. An infi­ni­te col­lec­tion of uni­que pie­ces whe­re cera­mic and sil­ver find per­fect har­mo­ny. The result is beau­ti­ful rings, nec­kla­ces and bra­ce­le­ts. Per­fect for the sum­mer but equal­ly without sea­son if you like to play with chro­ma­ti­sm and once again with a uni­que pie­ce that you would never have imagined.

Kera­mi­ka will be mar­ke­ted outsi­de Tori­no and it will be enri­ched with men’s acces­so­ries, brin­ging the suc­cess that it deserves.

It has been said many times: net­wor­king is a win­ner among arti­sans. Com­bing 2 crea­ti­vi­ties means  pro­du­cing a third much more ampli­fied. Like a vital pie­ce of rich music. The refe­ren­ce is not acci­den­tal because 

Fran­ce­sco is also a rock musi­cian. Fein is also the acro­nym of the ini­tial of the 2 owners of the shop but in Ger­man it means ele­gant, refi­ned. So at Fein a fine rock gem is guaranteed!

Via Cibra­rio 26 – Torino
Tel. 011/4375276