Fein: the gold workshops where jewels play rock …

When we want to buy a jewel, we don’t pay attention to whether the shop is owned by a goldsmith or a jeweler. The observation of the craft sector is teaching us to use the correct terms and that each term corresponds to a different professionalism. In this chapter, we find ourselves in the elegant Via Cibrario, a few steps from Piazza Statuto and from the center of Torino, visiting “Fein le officine orafe”. This is how the business of owner Francesco Ferrara presents itself. The showcases highlight a huge variety of jewels. 

We have an appointment with him, and with the artisan ceramist Stefania Mairano, a friend of our website, whose laboratory/shop is not far away. We will also understand the reason for her presence later.

We let Francesco explain the origins of this activity.

“Mine is an ancient passion. I have been a goldsmith for 35 years. As a young man, at a certain point, I felt I was vegetating without finding the right outlet. One day I found in my hands a booklet from a school in Valenza, and I decided to attend it. From there, it was absolute love. After working in a shop and producing  few pieces on my own in a basement, I ended up choosing Via Cibrario to open this shop. Our shop, mine and my former business partner but current collaborator Maria Teresa Infantino, is not only a resale shop but also a laboratory where we design and produce everything by ourselves. Gold, silver, precious stones including diamonds, our creativity is put at the service of the taste of our customers and of our inspiration with no limits. Today there is a clear orientation towards modern designed jewels compared to more classic forms. We intercept the taste of our customers and we elaborate it with putting our spin on it. It took time to get customers accustomed to different shapes, colors and materials. We also offer transformation of jewels they own. For us, gold and silver are excellent allies of ebony and plexiglass. The base of our work, is the uniqueness of each piece, the only way to distinguish our personality”. 

In the laboratory behind the sales area, there is a lot of activity going on: we find a lot of young people because Francesco has joined with great satisfaction the Bottega/Scuola project. A fascinating environment that despite what one might think, it requires precision and strength. 

“Our creative process happens backwards. It starts from the stone, not from a precise design, and there the idea is triggered: there is no lack of fun. Today we work a lot on the varied form”. 

It is easy to understand when he shows us necklaces and above all unique, three dimensional, unpredictable rings, some with movements of internal parts. An accessory that dresses like a dress, we would say. 

We come to the collection that developed from the collaboration between Francesco and Stefania Mairano. The name of the collection is Keramika. Gorgeous. An infinite collection of unique pieces where ceramic and silver find perfect harmony. The result is beautiful rings, necklaces and bracelets. Perfect for the summer but equally without season if you like to play with chromatism and once again with a unique piece that you would never have imagined.

Keramika will be marketed outside Torino and it will be enriched with men’s accessories, bringing the success that it deserves.

It has been said many times: networking is a winner among artisans. Combing 2 creativities means  producing a third much more amplified. Like a vital piece of rich music. The reference is not accidental because 

Francesco is also a rock musician. Fein is also the acronym of the initial of the 2 owners of the shop but in German it means elegant, refined. So at Fein a fine rock gem is guaranteed!

Via Cibrario 26 – Torino
Tel. 011/4375276