Ladies at work, let come out the tiger you have inside

During the pan­de­mic, smart work has stron­gly chan­ged our “modus ope­ran­di” at work. 

At the very begin­ning it see­med to be a tem­po­ra­ry solu­tion, now, a year after, we are dee­ply recon­si­de­ring it in order to under­stand if and why it could also repre­sent an oppor­tu­ni­ty to ‘get back into the game’ and rein­vent our­sel­ves. This issue and so much other, seen from a femi­ni­ne point of view, has been inve­sti­ga­ted in an inte­re­sting column by Sabi­na Pigna­ta­ro in the sup­ple­ment “Io Don­na” of the last Saturday’s “Cor­rie­re del­la Sera” new­spa­per. Here comes the sur­pri­se: the arti­cle is illu­stra­ted with an ama­zing ima­ge who­se colors and sha­pes we can reco­gni­ze as the work of one of ‘our’ arti­sans. In fact, it is the beau­ti­ful gra­phic art­work of Valen­ti­na Bon­gio­van­ni, one of the pro­ta­go­nists in the “Under 35” sec­tion on our web­si­te. She trans­la­tes throu­gh her desi­gn the idea that the smart work pecu­lia­ri­ty of ‘being on suspen­se’ has encou­ra­ged women to react in a dyna­mic way, being more pre­po­si­ti­ve and crea­ti­ve than they were wor­king in pre­sen­ce. In short, she repre­sen­ts women acting no more like fear­ful lit­tle rab­bi­ts, but joy­ful­ly relea­sing the fie­ry tiger that was hid­den insi­de them. Valen­ti­na, we are hap­py for you! Congrats!